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Originally Posted by vikingGoalie View Post
I mean really, a FOURTH line of Adams-Jokinen-Bennett is just flat out scary.

Because you know that Morrow/Sutter/Cooke will make up the 3rd line.

We could legitimately state a case that we have the best 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines in hockey at that point.
Along the lines of having the best 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lines...I think we legitimately have a chance to -- on paper at least -- run the four best lines in hockey.

I believe that if we run...




...then EITHER of our top two lines are right there with ANY other top line in the playoffs, our 3rd line is as good if not better than any other 3rd, and our 4th line is as good if not better than any other 4th.

BUT -- benching Bennett, and inserting Kennedy into the lineup takes whatever line Kennedy is on down a notch. Worse, insert Glass, and the line becomes instantly mediocre, in my opinion -- he is THAT MUCH of a liability, in my mind, at least from an offensive point of view.

The WORST thing that could be done to the lineup IMO (and I fear it will be), would be to bench Bennett, AND put Jokinen at wing. NOT that I think Jokinen would be a bad wing, but he's a better center than anyone else we have not named Crosby or Malkin, and maybe Sutter. With Bennett sitting, and Jokinen at wing, it leaves the 3rd and 4th lines something like this:


Still a very good third line, but now, the 4th line is a MUCH weaker unit. Unfortunately, that is a very real possibility. A Cooke-Adams-Glass or Cooke-Adams-Kennedy 4th line is SO much inferior to a Cooke-Sutter-Adams, a Cooke-Jokinen-Adams, a Bennett-Jokinen-Adams, or a Bennett-Sutter-Adams line.

Some would take the two lines above, and suggest moving Cooke up and Jokinen down --


Again, a very good third line, but a screwed-up (IMO) 4th line. Jokinen needs to play with more skilled players, IMO. He isn't properly used in a purely defensive/checking role, which is what an Jokinen-Adams-Glass line would be. That is mis-use of personnel, IMO.

Bottom line -- bench Kennedy and Glass, and play Bennett (and keep Iggy OFF OF MALKIN'S LW), and you really can't screw things up, IMO. The good news is, I actually have SOME shred of hope that each of these things may happen -- at least for SOME of the games...

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