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04-30-2013, 11:00 AM
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The Art of Banter-Rhetoric:

1. By constantly making accusatory statements you put your opponent in a defensive and vulnerable position.

2. Multiple parties repeating the same arguments gives that side weight, and instills doubt in the opponent and his arguments.

3. By ignoring or casually dismissing valid counter-points you diminish your opponent's gains and can shift the argument back into your valid points and arguments.

Topics of note:

- Anderson is 31 and has never had a good, full season in the NHL. He is therefore untrustworthy and might not be reliable in the playoffs. (Best used before game 1)

- Karlsson may be a good skater but he's drastically undersized in the NHL and will probably get injured again shortly. His defensive game is overrated and he could end up being the next Mike Green.

- Rookies should not be relied upon as much when the stakes are high and a team with lots of rookies in key positions is only asking for trouble.

- PK Subban's superior athleticism will outshine any traits of Karlsson should games get physical or go to OT.

- Spezza has a goofy laugh.

Bring on the Snes.

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