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04-30-2013, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Bennett has been much, much better defensively than anyone could have hoped for, but that is one major exaggeration based on way too small a sample size to mean anything. Seriously.
It's far from an exaggeration. This is based on THIS season. And for THIS season, there is enough of a sample size to say BB is the second best defensive winger on this team.

Dupuis is probably the best defensive winger on this team. After him, please tell me another winger that has been as responsible with the puck, as consistent with his assignments, has the same instincts for finding loose pucks, and takes the proper BC angles, than BB?

Not Neal. He has struggled in his own end all season and while he is a BC force when he is on his game, he has never been special playing behind his blueline.

Not Kunitz. His play in his own end is usually above avg, but he has had an up and down season, especially taking care of the puck.

Not Cooke. He is the closest guy after Dupuis, but he doesn't have BB instincts for finding loose pucks when things break down.

Not TK. I'm not even going here.

Not Iggy. He is a willing BC, but is just avg in his own end.

Not Morrow. He is positionally sound, but struggles covering his zone when the puck is moved up high. He also struggles at times when guys kick out from dead stops... Several times he has fallen straight down trying to defend it.

Glass... Please.

If you think any of the wingers above, THIS season, have played more consistent in their own end and been as responsible with the puck than BB, cool. I disagree.

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