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04-30-2013, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by OurGocIsAnAwesomeGoc View Post
This is the full dialogue, re: Nicushkin

Poile was asked if the Radulov situation would scare him off Nicushkin if available, and he said, "Every player is different. That's a very special player, and if he was available it might be hard to pass him up. We've spoken to his agent a couple of times, he says his dream is to play in the NHL and he wants to come over...obviously as it gets closer to the draft and the combine, we'll have conversations with agents and players to get a better read"

Went on to say that they consider 6 players in this draft to be "special," and they're excited to be getting one of them.

I'm as nervous as others about the "factor" with Nicushkin, but at the same guys want someone that scores at will. Nicushkin is considered Russia's best pure goal scorer since Ovechkin(even ahead of Yakupov). He's 6'4, skates like the wind, and has a laser shot.

Sure, Barkov is the safer player...he could end up to be like Ryan Getzlaf...or...he could also easily end up like Olli Jokinen.

There are pros and cons to both.
Safer doesn't necessarily mean lower upside. Barkov has one thin over jokinen and that's work ethic. Jokinen always had issues with that (not massive ones albeit but it was an issue nonetheless). Barkov has that crazy drive and wrk ethic to abe constantly improving. Watching him from last year to this ear he worked on two things, after recognizing tem and admiring they were weaknesses. Skating and defensive play. His skating took huge steps and as he's now considered one of the best defensive players In the fel.

Not to mention jokinen is actually a pretty underrated player who hit 90 points twice, 70 another one, and thirty goals four times.

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