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Originally Posted by onice View Post
I haven't seen Gallagher have a bad game or take a shift off all season. Pacioretty has had quite a few of those this season. Roy is right. Patches needs to take his game out of the perimeter and get involved physically. He did some of that against the Laffs.

My feeling is that Gallagher, Subban, Tinordi & Eller are gonna shine - especially Eller. Something tells me he's ready to become a leader on this team. I was totally blown away by his play against the Make Believes.
I did not realize this is Max's first playoffs. He could be huge, we'll see. Pretty cool. Watch out for Max.

Gallagher will be neutralized. Do not depend on him. No probs with that, he's a rookie. I have no expectations from him this PO and it is not wise to think he will shine.

Chucky on the other hand is a whole different story. If he can handle this, watch out. I can see him making a difference.

Eller? It's up to him. This is the time he will make his mark. I'm not convinced he is a money player, but I hope so. He's still pretty young. My expectations are not high for him in this PO.

Tinordi should not be expected to make a difference, I don't think he is strong or confident enough yet.

Subban must be huge. No question. This is it. Subban is bad, we lose, and we lose fast.

Price: Same as Subban. This is it. This is the year he has to stand up. This is the PO where he has to do it.

Now, here are players that everyone forgets about, and could be huge for us this PO:

1. Moen. I seriously think we don't get past Ottawa unless Moen stands up. He, along with Prust, Bourque and Max, have to make Karl's life miserable. Hit him again and again and again. Moen is a much bigger factor than Gallagher or Chucky. Moen needs to be Mike McPhee. End of.

2. Gorges. He has to be excellent. He has to cover mistakes, and prevent sure goals. Again and again. Period. This is his time, right now.

3. Bourque: Show up now, or goodbye. Bourque could be huge, or he could disappear. He can make a massive difference this series, and the next if we make it. The guy has everything you need in the PO. Everything. Will he show up? I don't know.

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