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04-30-2013, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
Ahh, I never did see that quote before. There's no question that BB is the better player, at both ends of the ice, right now. He's also got that kind of game-breaking creativity you want in the playoffs.

Also, I believe where there's smoke there's fire: 3 teams over the last 3 or 4 years, TSN (McKenzie, Dreger, or LeBrun) mentioned on their trade deadline show that certain players were available. 3 years ago they said Max Talbot could be had; last year they said that about Tangradi; and this year they said that about TK. IN each of those first 2 cases, the guys were gone within a year. There's no question the writing is on the wall for TK, though it would be nice if we could extract as much as possible for his rights in a trade.

But with all that said, and with virtually everyone agreeing on here that Bennett should be in the starting line-up over TK and perhaps even some others, I still hope that if TK does get the nod, he can elevate his game for us, because if he keeps playing the way he has been, he's not going to be much help for us at all. He is capable of performing better, so I hope he does just that if he gets the nod. If he doesn't, he'll be on a short leash and find himself in the pressbox pretty quickly, IMO.
thing is, is we know what Kennedy's top end is. Is that top end really all that better then what Bennett is displaying now? Throw in the fact that there is no doubt that Bennett is going to improve from here. (Although the biggest improvement we will get from him is probably after a full off season of training and putting on some more muscle)

TK was at his best with Staal/Cooke. Perhaps his best year is because he just clicked that much with Staal? I mean really this is the 2nd year that Kennedy has not lived up to his contract, he wasn't exactly all that last year either. I don't think a season and a half of mediocre-bad play is likely to be turned around in the next day when the playoffs start.

The most likely scenario, imo, is that TK will get the nod, he'll founder and Bennett will come in. TK is not going to garner a lot of serious interest regardless, if Mckenzie was saying he could be had then you know Shero put feelers out and no one was interested.

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