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04-30-2013, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
Ok better question and this comes from someone doesn't watch SM-liiga. Should we even look at Barkov's stats? Is this Finnish league strong right now? Is he putting up those stats because the league isn't as good? I'm not singling out SM-liiga as you can say this about any league. Just asking if we should even use his stats at all.
Anytime a young player breaks a record it's an indication on that player. It has to be properly weighted though. Is the sm-liiga a perfect leage? No, but it's impressive that a 17 year old is putting up top 10 numbers in it. There's an inherent problem with stay scouting in any league, that goes for the chl as well as the sel. The sm-Liiga is a high end league. It's not like barkov is tearing up a third tier league. There's a reason almost everyone has him top 5, and it goes beyond stats.

You can't look at a past player and say said future player will fail because of it. This applies to comparing nichushkin to radulov, jones to Johnson, or barkov to Granlund. Players are different, they have different attitudes, situations, body types, and drives.

You shouldn't look at barkov and think he's going to struggle because Granlund is, or think he'll become like jokinen because they have similar builds and te same passport, nor use the league as a reason to knock him down. You wouldn't use drouin a AAA time as a weakness, nor Jamie Benn's bchl draft year to say he's a bust.

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