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Originally Posted by Lancilcrantz View Post
So I'm hoping I can find an answer on here, since no one I know seems to have an idea on how to help me.

Basically, the skin on my legs gets pretty irritated when in direct contact with my shin pads, but I can't stand wearing underwear underneath my jock.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I realize I could probably just buy long underwear and then cut the crotch out but realistically who wants to buy something brand new only to go at it with a pair of scissors?

Essentially, do any of you have any tricks for dealing with this problem/know of any product that helps?

Thanks in advance.
I wear under armour jocks which use very high quality mesh and a jock made of silk - FAR more comfortable than the typical orange Bauers I see others wear (and used to wear myself).

Also, I use Wigwam Thermax liners as socks and pull them up high, they absorb and wick the sweat off my legs pretty well.

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