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04-30-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Webersmashpuck View Post
Yes we really faltered long before this season, like last year when we devastated the Red Wings in the playoffs.

And yes we had a slow start to the year, but we actually were in playoff position. And yes the Blackhawks did have players playing elsewhere. Injuries caused us to drop out, then with the Erat thing it seemed like the team decided to mail the season in and try next year.

It amazes me that a down year losing all the top forwards to injury after perhaps our most successful season has our team in the bottom feeding category. There were three things that I think screwed us.
1. Injuries
2. Loss of Suter and not signing a reliable 2nd pair defenseman. Josi did ok but Hannan was terrible.
3. Not having anyone to bail out the team due to mistakes. Rinne was human and with all our depth up due to injuries we were scraping the bottom of the barrel. Joonas Rask might never play in the NHL again and got his first point last game.
What does last season have to do with anything being discussed? The discussion is about this year.

I agree totally with number 2 above.

Injuries did hurt but still doesn't explain the lethargic start and what I perceived as lack of effort on most nights. This team thrives on a hard forecheck and effort and I just didn't see the all out effort on most nights.

Rinne was human.

I think we missed Tootoo more than we let on. While not an offensive force, he had the ability to change the momentum of a game with a thunderous hit or timely fight. I also think the toughness he brought to the ice was missing. While Clune became a favorite of mine, he is not really a good fighter at all and doesn't have the same impact Tootoo did as a momentum changer on the ice.

It wasn't until the last 3 games or so where guys were standing up for one another on the ice too. Not sure what that was about but we seemed to be 20 individuals as opposed to a team.

Luckily the injury bug is behind us, Poile knows what needs to happen and we've got the number 4 overall pick in the draft. Excited about next season.

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