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04-30-2013, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
On paper: Yikes. Without the last four additions it doesn't look good on paper. Luckily much can be done if the players buy into the system and work hard. It's been done before.

Green will give his spot to Mads Christensen. Question is will he replace Thor Dresler on the 4th line. Guessing he will. I'm more in doubt about who moves to give room for Boedker. The biggest candidate is Starkov IMO. I like the idea of Hardt-Christensen-Boedker. A line of players with different qualities but also with three players who plays in the same pace and with an edge.

The D-pairings could give Bäckman some headaches. Mads Boedker and Jesper Jensen together would be boys among men so I hope that's not gonna happen. That means the Lauridsen brothers should be on different pairings. So if they were to get a small partner I'm thinking Oliver-Jesper Jensen and Philip Larsen-Markus. Then Boedker is the 7th D/rotating with Jesper Jensen. Perhaps Markus is the odd guy out(Doesn't seem likely IMO).

But that would mean a forward more would have to be removed.... Jeez it's quite a puzzle.
I totally agree that you should try to have a big+smaller mobile D-pair if it's possible. Someone regular are bound to be left out this year and so many of them are very equal in skill-level. Yeah it's a real puzzle.

Forward discussion:
Morten Green isn't good anymore to be 1'st line center, and not fast enough to team up with Bødker that needs speed-guys with him.
But neither of Hardt, Christensen & Bødker are really centers (Mads Christensen are really on the light side to play a center, right? - so maybe better on the left wing).
Jesper Jensen is a bit bigger not physical either. So Julian Jakobsen perhaps??

Could Christensen-Jacobsen-Bødker work to give some 1st line punch? (Christensen is in much better form than Hardt and could provide more speed for Bødker)
That leaves a Hardt-Green-Madsen "veteran" 2nd line?
Storm-Jensen-Poulsen has apparently played will together lately and could form a 3'rd line?
So that leaves perhaps a Staal-Dresler-Bjørkstrand 4'th line.

That would leave Lassen and Starkov out. Starkov has the problem that Bødker-Madsen-Poulsen really stacks the RW and that Starkov is really not a 4'th line player so that leaves the spot to Bjørkstrand?! Would take Staal over Lassen for a 4'th line because of his experience.

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