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04-30-2013, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by dawkins121 View Post
Flyers bottom pairing defenders have gotten a lot of flak over the years outside of the one Meszaros-ODonnell season, but Gervais is down there with the lowest of them. I guess you have steelier nerves than I do because I definitely was holding my breath every time he was on the ice, and all too often I would exhale in a depressed sigh as Gervais panic-shot a clearing attempt at a charging forechecker's shin pads starting a sequence that ended with the puck in the net. There are 6/7 d-men and then there are guys that shouldn't be in the league, Gervais strikes me as the latter.
Gervais is definitely a 6/7 defenseman. Look around the league and for the most part, you will see guys of roughly the same skill level. Some a little better, some a little worse.

Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Yea, don't know how one can say Gus has played "as good" as Gervias. Everything from watching him play to advanced stats showed how much better he played. I already threw out the advanced stats before but from Corsi to QOC to QOT Gus was top 3 on the team. Unless one says 15 games he was just on a hot streak....which is one long hot streak.

Gervias is an average #6. He is more suited for the 7 role who fills in every now and then. Gus should EASILY playing over him. Don't know how thats a conversation really.
I didn't see these stats but stats don't tell the entire story, even advanced stats.

Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Yeah, but Gus has been better and still has room to improve. So why go with Gervais instead of Gus? Gervais has been awful. I can think of no reason at all to play Gervais over Gus from this point on.
To begin with, I don't think Gus has been better. I don't think he has been worse either. And like I said, if Gus can't go up and down between the AHL anymore, then start him over Gervais.

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