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09-15-2006, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by WheresBarnaby View Post
I believe the puck can be brought backwards. The skater can't stop, or reverse foward motion with his feet. Malik's goal had to be brought backwards, to bring the stick and puck through his legs.
For me beeing a law student, "keeping the puck in motion towards the goalline" can only mean one thing...

Don't know if the refs are aware of it, though I've in person seen refs in europe dissalow goals because a player have stopped, pulled the puck back and then shot.

Though like I, with some help, pointed out a player gooing forward 30 mph must pull the puck back with the speed of atleast 31 mph to no keep "the puck in motion towards the goalline".

The rule is not just a paper product. Scoring a goal on a breakaway if you are allowed to go in from the side and around the goalie is allot easier then dooing it the traditional way.

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