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Originally Posted by Tattoo View Post
Eriksson is eons better than Gagner! Come down and rejoin reality!
Gagner finished 17th in league scoring this year, ahead of Jamie Benn (although Benn had 0.01ppg more - 33 in 41 vs 38 in 48). Ahead of any Dallas Star player. He finished with a better +/- than Loui Erisksson AND he's 4 years younger. He played most ofthe season with Hemsky, Yakupov, PRV and/or Ryan Jones. One could also argue that Gagner is just coming into his own and will continue to trend upward. Luoi took a step back after 4 good years.

okay, I know what you'll say .... anyone can have a good or a bad year. Let's compare career stats......

ppg Erisksson has an edge by about 0.09 point per game over his career.... its actually 7 more points per season!! Not a HUGE difference.

I would also argue Dallas has been a stronger team over their careers with better players surrounding Eriksson than Gagner has had. So Gagner had done more with less help.

Eriksson is better defensively argument ... .Gagner had a better +/- on a weaker team- a team that bled goals. Okay so maybe some stats lie or Gagner stellar season masks the defnesive shortcomings.

Gagner offers grit and sandpaper that Luoi doesn't. Gagner will fight and drop the gloves. Last I checked Loui doesn't.

Gagner is 4 years younger than Eriksson and not yet an UFA, therefore there's a prize that Dallas could lock him up for 5 or 6 years or more. Whereas Loui is signed for 3 more years and then can walk away. Another benefit of Gagner.

So where exactly did we see that Eriksson was WAY better than Gagner.... oh previous years when Gagner was on a 30th place team (with linemates like Cogliano, Nilsson, PRV and Jones) and Eriksson was on a decent Dallas team, with decent players surrounding him (Benn, Morrow, Neal, Richards, Ribeiro).

On second thought, I retract the offer. Gagner is WAY more valuable than Luoi Eriksson.

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