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04-30-2013, 04:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Kamal007 View Post
Just watching this random american sports show on TSN, which is airing from ESPN, oh lawd, these guys are idiots. No idea about Canada or Toronto. A few things they said:

"The Raptors are beneath Phil Jackson, no way should be go there"

"Tebow should be a starter and dominate the CFL"

"Its offensive to Tebow to say he would be a backup in the CFL"

Bunch of idiots
Yep, it's offensive to say that Tim Tebow, whose biggest flaw as a QB is a total inability to pass the ball effectively, wouldn't be a star and would be a backup in a football league defined by being pass-happy to the extreme. Or that the Raptors, who have had some great players come through the org and had some success (not much, mind you, but as much or more than plenty of other orgs).

Par for the course though. ESPN doesn't need to cater to us as Canadians, so they don't give a crap if they say anything valid about us or not.


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