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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
Perhaps you could point us to that rule?
ISTR asking for a minute:second mark that supports your point. Are you having trouble finding it?

Yet we are all supposed to believe you won't argue a point anywhere but off-ice?
I could care less if you believe me; nonetheless it's the truth. On-ice my job is not to argue with the refs; it's to play defense, and being in the box doesn't accomplish that. Off ice, I try to understand the rules, and I'm perfectly willing to argue with anyone. In part I'm trying to make sure that someone doesn't see your posts (which may or may not be right), think "okay, lifting the stick is always legal", and then get 2 minutes for it in their next game, especially since enforcement doesn't seem consistent on this point.

You seem more concerned with trying to prove you're not wrong than you are with finding out what the rules are. Go back and watch the video again, the rule will become very clear and you'll find out what it is you seek.
I've watched it twice, and can't find anything that indicates that an early stick lift is acceptable. Again, if you have a minute:second mark, I'd love to see it. The PDF MikeD linked to says, directly:
The use of the stick will be limited to only playing the puck.
I don't know how that can be interpreted to say, "except for lifting the puck, which is totally cool."

I tried to view the Ask A Ref question that MikeD referenced, but it's giving me errors whenever I try to follow a link on the usahockey site. If I can get into it later I'll post back.

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