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04-30-2013, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by CobraAcesS View Post
This is definitely the glass half empty outlook, but I don't know how they can't sign at least one forward with Mitchell having to play on the top line. That is a glaringly obvious issue...


Jones (Unfortunately he'll probably be given another shot.)

Are our legit top 9 wingers, that's 5 of the 6 needed. Mitchell and PJ/Kobasew/McLeod were never suppose to be used on one of the top 3 lines. Realistically we have 4 of the 6 needed IMO.

I'd 'like' to see Stalberg and Horton signed to fill out the forward roster, but I can only see us signing one forward. However they need to sign AT LEAST one.

Mitchell wont be on the Top line next year with Downie coming back.

Next year will probably look like this:

McGinn - Duchene - PAP
Landy - ROR - Downie
Mitchell - Stastny - Jones

No doubt we could use another Top 6/9 guy but I doubt Mitchell will be in the top 6.

One potential positive this summer is that with the cap going down by so much, there will be A LOT of teams that will be looking to shed salary rather then bring in more salary. So guys like Macarthur, Stalberg, Raymond, etc who hit free agency might not have as many options this year as they normally would.

Off the top of my head I can say almost for certain these teams will all be looking to move salary rather then take it on this summer:


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