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04-30-2013, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
Shows just how hard a job it is for scouts, and why tons of teams pass on future all-stars in favour of future busts.

Scouts are comparing players of different positions, playing with different linemates, playing on different teams with different offensive vs defensive tendencies that can over-exaggerate/mask their good qualities and their bad qualities, some players differ in age by as much as 11-12 months, and even playing in different leagues, some against men, some not, etc.

Gotta include context when your comparing players, including OHL experience. If we didn't use context, then the draft would pretty much come down to looking at point totals and ignoring everything else.
First off, I wasn't selective in my stats, I gave their last two junior seasons.

Second of all, watching the two on multiple occasions, they both impact games, but one has stood out above the other on more than one occasion.

It's VERY clear that Rychel's offensive talent is above that of Hartman's at this point, and if we have draft year as a basis, then how do we project Hartman above him in that regard, given that Rychel has the NHL shot, the release, and instincts already? it stands to reason that with growth and strength, those attributes will grow as well. they both play physical games, and drop their gloves when the occasion arises, with Rychel doing a number on Hartman twice this year, once on national television.

They both play a two-way game, and the nod in skating goes to Hartman at this point. But as you can see by watching, Kerby isn't held back by his. He has the long stride you look for, and just needs to work on the mechanics. The puck finds him, which is something you can't teach. He's around it, and anticipates well.

Like I said, it's my opinion from viewing, and I haven't seen anything to suggest otherwise. I don't have it out for Hartman, he's a heart and soul kid who bleeds for his teammates. I just don't see him as a better player now, or in the future, that's all.

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