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Originally Posted by bluesclues92 View Post
Hey guys, I came here seeking some advice about this situation I find myself in. Long story short, I'm 20 and going into my 3rd year at the UofA majoring in Classics. I have found recently however that my interest has waned, despite my marks, and I don't harbour any specific career ambition nor do I think about the subject matter in my spare time at all. It doesn't feel like a passion anymore or something I am goal oriented in.

On the other hand, I've acquired a growing interest in fitness and keeping a healthy lifestyle. I've found what appears to be a creditable personal training course here in Edmonton that would fast track me to a career in a far shorter amount of time than my degree would. As well, its something that, rather than my major, I do think about and research in my spare time.

I am debating whether or not to drop university entirely and take this personal training course, which is a 5 day a week, for 17 weeks, tuition-based program. On the one hand, I'd feel like I just wasted two years, but on the other hand I don't want to waste my future doing something I've lost interest in.

Any recommendations on the route to take?
Obviously you've finished this year anyway, meaning you have some time to think before the next University term in September. TBH you sound like a young person that doesn't know what they want to do yet which is perfectly normal. What can be a mistake is in spending a lot of coin on things you don't know you will be interested in for long.

Your use of words is revealing as well. You "acquire" interests. But you can just as easily lose those interests. Doesn't sound like Classics was a lifetime path for you. I doubt fitness is either.

Do some aptitude tests, explore, ask questions, look around the world and see what really might interest you. Nothing odd about having some career thought changes. I'd also suggest you do much better job researching what might actuallly be available to graduates in any program you might want to take. Also, I mean independent research, not that which is supplied as propaganda by source.

Oh, and the Jays suck, just so I'm on topic in an OT thread..

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