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09-15-2006, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
A center known for great peripheral vision like Koivu, losing its main asset (after his courage) is not good news. Koivu could become a winger in a not so long future if his vision does not improve, like you imply. A center NEEDS to have a good peripheral vision.
When you play a sport all your life you have something called instincts. As a player you can just let your natural instincts take over. Sure koivu might not see like he use to but its not like he all of a suden forgot how to play the game of hockey. I mean its not brain damage he suffered here. It would actuly be a worse for koivu if he had to play wing because a winger has to play along the boards and they have to go get the puck in deep. wingers are prone to body cheks more often than centers.

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