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04-30-2013, 07:30 PM
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Originally Posted by The Major View Post
Replacement, while I will agree with you on a number of points (the club/FO does make mistake after mistake, they have over promised and under delivered on the new stands at Clarke, marketing of the club has been non-existent), you are completely wrong about the game day experience at Clarke.

Clarke, while it is a dump, is a much, much more enjoyable venue to watch football than Foote. If you actually go to a match at Clarke, the atmosphere is exponentially better, the sightlines are better, and you don't have to **** in a port-a-potty. Come out to a match and please explain how the game day experience is better at Foote. Iíll take 1,500 rammed into 1 small stand vs 1,500 scattered in a 3,500 seat stadium, with one stand miles from the pitch.

In regards to the stated attendance of 992, that had to have been incorrect. The stands were just as full as any match last year, which had much higher stated attendance. I can attest to this, due to the fact that nobody bothered to check my ticket upon entry (another FO blunder).

The on field product is much better this year as well. Roster turnover is annoying, I agree, however Colin Miller knows what he is doing and dropped some dead weight, although the loss and treatment of Paul Hamilton was unfortunate. The squad took it to the Whitecaps last Wednesday and looked decent on Sunday afternoon.

I am probably the most critical member of the Edmonton Supporters Group, however, give the team a (another) shot before you write it off.
Thank you for your response to someone who just needs to complain. I've never seen anything positive come out of his posts.

Last years roster was a disaster given how much was put into it last year, especially with the long push to have Dutch-style football come in play. Losing Hamilton hurt, but the roster needed to be overhauled.

I was one who was against going the Clarke but more so because of the idea that the team needed to keep up the attendance numbers from the previous season, especially with Montreal now gone. Moving to Clarke when the job was completed would've been a better option, but the contingency wasn't in place (even though the turf at Foote was problematic).

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