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09-15-2006, 01:11 PM
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There's no way the NHL prevents a player from doing this in a shoot-out as long as the stick doesn't go above the cross bar, or come from behind the goal-line.

Whether you're a fan of this or not, it's been coming for a few years now and that move is just one of many that you're going to see in the next while. The reason it's coming so slowly is because hockey is such a traditionalist sport (especially in the minds of most coaches) and as Schremp said he'd likely get benched for something like that. The first guy that can take it from high risk/high reward to low risk/high reward is going to open a whole-nother can of worms.

My bet is you're likely going to see something like what schremp did with the golf ball in a shootout before you'll actually see what he tried in the charity game; a simple flip up of the puck to disorientate the goaltender and his square postion to the puck, then slapping in mid-air that sends it into one of the many vacant areas of the goal (possibly even a bounce shot that goes's happened to me before and these are just major junior and ahl guys, not even NHL level players...).

As a goaltender I shudder when thinking of all these possibilities - I've played goal in lacrosse for one game and BLOODY hated it(!) because of all the ridiculous **** they could do with the ball and that's what this reminds me of.

As Rolly said one option is to pokecheck the S.O.B. and hope he loses his balance and the puck; another option is to come up in your stance a bit puffing your chest and trying to cover the reach of the stick with your hands but that leaves your fivehole wide open. Luckily their ability to change directions isn't as flexible as a lax player and thus the hockey goalie might have an edge on his lax cousin.

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