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09-15-2006, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Orange View Post
I've worked as a technician in ophtalmology for 4 years (all throught CEGEP and my first 2 years in college), so here's what I can say about Koivu's eye (I'm in no way a specialist, I just worked with some. So what I say ain't gold). Removal of cataracts is a fairly simple operation, there's not much to be concerned about that. I strongly doubt that he would get operated straight away since a cataract evolves over time and it makes the operation much more simple when the cataract is mature. It's standard procedure to let a cataract mature before operating. Also, Koivu's comment about wearing a lense makes me believe his cataract is in it's very early stage (considering his injury was last spring, I'd say it's a pretty safe assumption ). The bigger concern is his retina. I'm not certain what exactly happened (retina seperation or some other condition) but I'm almost certain I read somewhere his retina was affected. Anyway, high blood presure in his eye at this time might no be indicated which could be another reason to push back the cataract operation (this is more of an educated guess than a fact). His current periferic eye sight is a direct result of the condition of his retina. At this point in time, given continued care, the chance that his vision will get better is slim. It can still improve, but full recovery is unlikely.

If y'all need more details, I could always snoop around my old aquaintances
Great to have your medical point of you . So finally it 's a usuel thing to wait that the cataracte mature before the surgery .

From you , do you think that a lens could help Saku enough to be the same player , or a black zone is a black zone , and there will always be a hole in his vision ? ( until he gets treatements next summer )

One thing that scares me isn't about his ability to prepare the plays , but more about the fact that someone could check him hardly without seeing what is comming .

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