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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Injuries are the only valid excuse. Lots of guys are banged up, sure. How many are playing on broken feet, or with separated shoulders? Carter's game depends on his speed and shot. Those injuries directly impact those, and greatly hamper him. They were pretty much the worst injuries possible for a player of his style.

Also amusing: Giroux doesn't perform well with injured wrists. It's ok, he's injured. If the same thing happened with Carter it would be called choking. It's utterly nonsensical. If Carter tries to play through it, he's a choker. If he sits out, he's a choker. Ridiculous.

Nah, whenever a goalie makes a save it's just Carter choking. His shooting percentage isn't 100% and he has missed shots. Sure sign of choking.

There were at least 2 series where Carter wasn't injured and did jack-****. In 09 against the Pens and in 11 against Buffalo. Dude is just not a clutch player most of the time. How about you accept that and move on?

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