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Originally Posted by DoyleG View Post
Thank you for your response to someone who just needs to complain. I've never seen anything positive come out of his posts.

Last years roster was a disaster given how much was put into it last year, especially with the long push to have Dutch-style football come in play. Losing Hamilton hurt, but the roster needed to be overhauled.

I was one who was against going the Clarke but more so because of the idea that the team needed to keep up the attendance numbers from the previous season, especially with Montreal now gone. Moving to Clarke when the job was completed would've been a better option, but the contingency wasn't in place (even though the turf at Foote was problematic).
For one thing bs. You can check any of the previous editions of this FC Edmonton thread and I've been an ardent positive supporter of the club and encouraged people to come out. To be clear I didn't like last years style of play much either. I did mention the team changed personnel who I did like from the inaugural years.

That said I can't stand Clarke park, simple as that, a lot of people apparently agree.

One association I don't want to remember is Clarke park is where Edmonton soccer clubs go to die. That history being invoked by the Brickmen, Aviaters, even Drillers afairc.

Move a team there and watch it fold. Most people don't like that hovel. Not hard to figure out. Its a two bit facility and the home of high school football. Its sad that with better facilities out there that this is where the team decides to play. Embarrassing really for Edmonton to be viewed in this light.

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