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04-30-2013, 08:40 PM
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I don't wish for the failure of anything, although I do support the KHL in any region that will facilitate growth and improvement of hockey. As has thus far has already been demonstrated. I am true to the belief that to have KHL participation does not mean a weaker domestic league. More demand for professional players only means more development and success of younger players. I see it as a temporary drain of talent that replenishes over time and only becomes better in the end. For example there have been a constant amount of North American mostly AHL players coming to Europe and now with Zagreb it's like pretty much a whole AHL team drained from NA. I could complain about how the league will be drained or I could take a different perspective. There has been increased room for OHL, USHL, NCAA, and ECHL players. They will get trained and eventually come up to par. As more AHLers go to Europe those aforementioned leagues will be more in demand and will improve!

I think having a KHL team in a country with a strong domestic league has a less negative effect than non hockey countries. For a country like Latvia or Kazakhstan to have a team, the whole country has to be scouted in order to assemble a team, whereas expanding a team to Switzerland for example would mean one or two players from the NLA teams and some AHLers. The gaps would be filled by the NLB and the change to the domestic league would be unnoticeable in 2-4 years max. I think the Czech Republic is a perfect example of that, and can be directly compared to Sweden for example. Obviously I am not advocating SC Bern or Rogle to ditch their leagues(although I am quite shocked to find out how disposable top Swedish teams are to the Allsvenskan, never mind the KHL).

Further I think artificial rules such as player limits and other restrictions imposed by federations are nonsense. And also that the IIHF is too buerochratic and useless for developed hockey nations and any strong leagues should quit their membership in favour of a friendly partnership. I believe in an open hockey ecosystem, even if it isn't traditional. But this is slowly getting off topic so il end it there..

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