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Originally Posted by Groucho View Post
You don't see the irony in saying with one breath you want to club to be supported and stick around, but with the next saying you refuse to support them at Clarke?



See you guys on May 12th.
You don't see the irony of calling out someone that has been a supporter since day one when you just discovered the product? In fact in past years I was telling you and others to go to this and support this team. I even remember some exchanges.

I never said I refused supporting them at Clarke. I am stating I don't enjoy that facility at all, have been turned away from that facility, and have bad memories of supporting past incarnations of Edmonton pro soccer teams in that facility.

Superstitious? Maybe, but Clarke park has been a graveyard for Edmonton pro soccer teams. Bad memories as I state.

I am disgusted that yet another club is making all the same mistakes in this market. Its unfortunate how this has been run.

Want an example of incompetence?

Try to buy tickets online.

You get "best available" that are not that at all but that are just the tickets on sale in numerical order at that moment. With no accompanying diagram of the seating chart to go with it. With no available diagram of Clarke park seating available anywhere on the internet and certainly not on the site. On FC Edmonton site go to "Clarke park" site and it links back to FC Edmonton. There is no Clarke Park site and no info of any kind on the seating layout. Fail.

Wanna know why I consider the above ridiculous? The Fath's made the same mistake while at Foote field with not offering any diagrams of the seating there. Something I brought to their direct attention immediately, notified them, and which they rectified at the time. Now they're making the same mistake elsewhere out of sheer laziness. When people buy tickets they like to know where their seats are actually located. This is no mystery, its not rocket science, just common sense. But its symbolic of how this org is run.

I used to offer constuctive feedback to this org and they would likely know who I am. I've stopped doing that because they just can't be bothered.

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