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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Well, like I said, he started the playoffs last year with his foot bothering him, and gradually looked better as time went on and it mended.

His durability is definitely a knock, especially his feet; and especially when you consider that his lack of playmaking ability means his offense is basically gone if something happens to his shot or speed. The difference is, I'm not going to hold it against the player for not playing like they're healthy when they're not. And unlike some people that I've seen, I don't consider injuries to be a form of choking.

The point is, at no point did he choke last year while he was healthy. So acting like he does nothing but choke is over the top.
I never really considered Carter to be a choker. The chest snipe on Niemi in game 6 gets way too much play around here. That wasn't a given goal for anyone because Niemi actually did a good job to make himself look big.

I just had a problem with Carter being soft and pretty much one dimensional. If anything, he's in a much better position to succeed in L.A. where he can just play the role of pure shooter off the wing. I don't think he's solely a complimentary player, but I wouldn't consider him a sure fire first liner anymore.

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