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09-15-2006, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by hdw View Post
It actually is pretty irrelevant.

Comparing to players in totally different junior situations, different countries, different leagues and different hockey culture.

I heard a very intresting interview with a number of swedish junior and senior coaches.
And they discussed what a junior coach should aim for in his or her work.

A: To get each individual to deliver his or hers best game as a junior to prove that that he or she or worthy of a senior position.
B: To get each player to develop and grow so that he or she will deliver the best as a senior.

A swedish junior doesn't have to be top of class to get several chances to play in the senior team. And the focus is much more on which junior organisation has delivered the best senior players, than on which organisations has the best juniors.

So I claim that comparing a Swedish, US, Canadian, Slovak, Czech, Russian and Finnish junior is silly.

They're not in the same system, they're not in the same culture.

// hdw
My silly claim is that Lundqvist was the better junior

And that's a valid point.

Personally while I think you can't do a direct compare you can do some level of compare and contrast when you watch both leagues.

Personally for me when I saw them both at the same ages they were very similar. Lundqvist was a better in a few areas and Montoya in others, for me when I compare what I saw I see two guys who are about the same at the same age, very close (though obviously with different things they needed to work on).

And while you maintain comparing players in different junior leagues to be silly, I believe it can be done (though not on pure numbers) but rather on experience from watching both leagues and finding a common frame of reference. In the end it all comes down to judgement (no right or wrong really, just opinion based on what one percieves as points to explain it).

But as we've discussed in pm's, that's just my view.

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