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04-30-2013, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Bobblehead View Post
Dillon was probably a stretch. We need I guy like him, desperately.

You're putting words in my mouth again. I never said he will improve EVERY year. I pointed out that he's not a 50 point player. He scored 50 points as a 19,20,22 year old. Guys are just developing at taht age and that this year is more likely what he'll be 65-75 point player. He hasn't reached his prime years yet. How can he be capped at 50 when his recent season is equal to 65 pts over an 82 game schedule. You guys have problems with math.

Now you're comparing Roussel's grit to Gagner's? Where that come from? we were comparing Luoi to Sam. You're all over the map. Try to stick to one line of discussion. Its like me saying Hall is way better than ERiksson. Not what we're discussion.
Because you mentioned Roussel as a piece going your way in the proposal. You said Gagner has grit and sandpaper, and I showed you someone who actually does have grit and sandpaper.

Loui isn't paid to be fight. And in fact, he's been decently physical as of late. Yeah he's not gonna fight, but he'll take the body and he'll go into the corners.

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