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04-30-2013, 11:44 PM
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Adult Clinic Woes

Question for you gents who've been around longer than I:

I joined an adult skills clinic at a rink that's not too far from my house. On the flyer, it was advertised as being geared towards newer players gearing up to join the C2 (beginners) league at the rink. Six weeks of drills and six weeks of "controlled scrimmage." (more on that in a moment)

So I show up first day for clinic, and I notice two things: 1) There's a ******** of people there, and 2) Half of them seem to be quite good players and a good portion of those people are all wearing the same jersey. And they seem to know each other. I brush it off, but at the end of each class we do an open scrimmage, lights vs. darks, and for whatever reason, the dark team has almost all the good players (including the sizable portion who are on the same team mentioned earlier) and the white team has all the beginners. I brush this off at first, too.

But each week it seems to be getting worse. Beginners stopped showing up, or started leaving when the scrimmage starts. The good players started talking ****. I started overhearing bits and pieces, like how one of the guys teaches the kids class. But hey, I say to myself. They have just as much right to be here as I do, don't they?

So fast forward to tonight, the first night of "controlled scrimmage." I wasn't sure what this was going to be, but I figured the coach and the assistant coach who had been teaching the classes would sort of guide things and maybe give pointers and if I was really lucky divide us up into lines and call line changes and ****, maybe even a penalty or two.

But I was wrong. It was just open hockey billed as "controlled scrimmage," but with goalies. The head coach didn't even show up. The assistant coach did: and he put on a black jersey and played for the team filled with good players. The white team scored zero goals in two hours. The puck left our zone maybe 10 times? White jersey players just up and quit, by the end our team had 8 guys while the dark jersey team had twice as many. We were tired and getting the **** kicked out of us.

It sounds like I'm whining, and maybe I am. I tell myself the good players have just as much right to be there as I do, but when the ******* flyer bills the class as being geared towards beginners I have to wonder exactly what I'm getting out of it by having the **** kicked out of my team for two hours. I'm getting conditioning, sure, but am I learning the game of hockey? Maybe. Am I having fun or getting motivated? Not at all.

I used to look forward to playing but now I don't even want to go. There's five weeks left and if I wasn't already paid up you can bet dollars to donuts I wouldn't go. It seems like these guys just show up to beat up on beginners and get their jollies off. They score on guys who can barely skate then go around high fiving each other. This isn't open hockey; we paid for a learning experience and it sure as **** doesn't seem like we're getting one.

Anyway. End rant. Sorry it's long. Thoughts?

TLDR: Signed up for class billed as being for beginners. Get trounced by experienced players every week. Get sad face.

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