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Originally Posted by Jets View Post
I'm surprised there isn't an all encompassing goalie thread. I was expecting to see a bunch of noobs looking to be goalies (pretty much everyone wants to at some point). It's just the real nutjobs that stick with it (such as myself ). I'm not a beginner by any means, but if more goalie questions come up I'll be keeping an eye out to lend some insight.
Kind of a general question... Should I just jump into pickup games?

Grew up with a brother that played, and was kind of forced into the hockey life myself... I roller bladed, and we all played hockey out on basket ball courts... but never ice or league for me.
That was 15-20 years ago, and I have gotten into hockey again... and came up with the idea to play goalie. Hit up craigslist, bought evering and set out to learn to iceskate
So I have been to like 3 sticktimes, and have been out skating like 8 times
My brother says just go play pickup, they need goalies so bad anything is worth having. I like to be ready to go, so I wanted to get SOME basic ability first.

I let quite a bit in, but I can kinda skate, and stop a few so long as they aim for my head. I don't go down to my knees nearly enough and am pretty bad at moving butterfly... But I have caught the puck AT LEAST 3 times.
Well, actually I gopro'ed last sticktime and put it on youtube for storage...
I'd say I am basically at the point of starting to get comfortable with what I am supposed to do, but far from being able to do it well/on time
Im thinking do at least one more sticktime and spend most of it on recovery and butterfly slides...
Should I practice up for pickup games, or is that taking them too serious?
I feel like if I were playing out, I would be slightly annoyed with me in goal

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