Thread: Proposal: Flames 2013 offseason plan.
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05-01-2013, 12:36 AM
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Flames 2013 offseason plan.

Since we don't have much to talk about until closer to the draft I thought it would be fun to have a thread where you can post what you would do this offseason if you were jay feaster.

This is my 2013 offseason plan/wishlist

Flames offseason:
-Sign valterri Filpula- could use a change of scenery, still young and has the connection with hudler. Plus we lack C depth.

- amnesty Cory sarich- it's beyond me why feaster signed this guy to a 2 year deal but it's obvious it's time to part ways and I don't see us getting anything back in trade. We have two buyouts and no one else to really use them on.

- re sign stempniak- had a great bounce back season and definitely earned a contract extension. Seems to be good with the young players and has expressed interest to stay.

Trade babchuk to whoever for 5th- it's time to part ways with babchuk but unlike sarich I think we could actually get something for babchuk. Maybe as small as a 5th

- resign mcgratten- played good for us and was a real energy player in a lot of his games. I would be fine with him being our 12/13th forward. Plus we need an enforcer for the rival games.

- trade Chris butler, blues 1st pick to pitsburgh for Matt Niskanen and a 4th- Pittsburgh will be up against the cap and might not be able to resign Niskanen. He is still young, had a bit of a break out season this year and we desperately need another top 4 Defencman after the bouwmeester trade.

- sign Marc fistric- again with no sarich and most likely no babchuk plus butler traded, we need D depth and that's exactly what fistric is. He also fills the need of the adding more size, which feaster has been talking about all year and is in still pretty young which the flames are also looking for.

- trade Matt stajan + Tim jackman to NYR for brad Richards- this is the one I know some people will disagree with but stajan aside from this season has not played well for us and we should use him as trade bait now while he has value. The rangers are tight against the cap and absolutey want to get rid of Richards contract. Flames have tons of cap room and also send back Roughly 4.5 mil in stajan and jackman. We all know now much feaster likes Richards and besides a down year he provides us with a short term 1C and he pushes us closer to the playoffs, something that feaster has expressed they are going for next year.

- sign Anton khudobin- feaster says the flames aren't afraid to spend to the cap next season so the flames can afford to probably over pay a bit for this guy which is what it will take to make sure Boston doesn't match the offer. He has played great for Boston this season and I think might be willing to come to Calgary because we can promise him the #1 G going into training camp, something he probably can't get from much other teams, also like said we can afford to pay him more than other teams.

Sign ramo

Lineup next season:
Byron,horak,mcgratten/ hanowski

Brodie, wideman
Fistric, smith
Cundari, Carson/babchuk

*Berra and broissot both in AHL

3.5, 6.6, 6
2.55, 4.5, 4
1.425, 2, 3
.8, .878, .7

4.02, 4
2.5, 5.25
2, .775


Total cap = 61.58
Cap space = 4.42 mil

This actually looks like a team that could compete for a playoff spot next year, all while getting younger and getting two good prospects with our two first round picks.

Very quick rebuild. Feaster has stockpiled the prospects a bit which will provide a decent core in the future and has a comepetive team for the short term that is also relatively young.

Anyelse want to give it a try??

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