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01-01-2004, 08:46 AM
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Originally Posted by MissionHockey
Well I had Elias+ in mind if you consider him a "second tier player". Stevens, Niedermayer and Brodeur is the core of the team. Nobody could ever touch them. I know I did say I didn't think it would be a great idea and that Lou would never do it didn't I?
I don't know, but are you sermoning me? If you mean Patrik Elias, then write "Patrik Elias." On one hand, it seems you expect me to read into your comment by presuming you mean Elias, on the other I'm supposed to take your words verbatum regarding your view of Lamoriello's trading habits. Which is it? I'm confused.

Regardless, you're putting too much weight into my comments. My statement was matter-of-fact, and not necessarily full of passion or concern.

As for Lamoriello trading with Tampa, I don't think he would pass up a deal if it would improve his team. I don't see any reason that his policy against trades within his own conference would be much different from those of any other general manager of a contending team.

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