Thread: Proposal: Flames 2013 offseason plan.
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05-01-2013, 01:50 AM
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Originally Posted by wflames View Post
Don't think I understand your point of view. He has been making the right moves to build a playoff team since he took the job. Just because he didn't want to be Edmonton, he should be fired? Because the media had a field day with the ROR offer sheet which may or may not have backfired?
Wait, what? The moves Feaster made put the Flames 6th last in the league. I don't know how on earth you could consider that as 'making the rights moves' towards the playoffs.

Feaster came in saying he could get the Flames into the playoffs. He failed. Miserably. He should be fired for his inability to do what he claimed he could.

The guy has done a good job since coming aboard. He's shifted the organization's priorities towards better scouting and development and a winning mentality, and he's shown a willingness to make deals when he has a goal in mind.
Whether the Flames have improved their development process has yet to be seen. Similar situation with the drafting; it appears much better on paper, but until some of those picks actually play in the NHL, it's still too early to say with certainty. And the biggest reason for the perceived improvement in drafted comes from the fact that Feaster recognized his own failings when it comes to that area, and thus relegated those tasks to his subordinates, namely Weisbrod and Goulet.

That being said, I'll give credit where it's due; Feaster's ability to recognize his own limitations and not his let pride get in the way is certainly respectable. On the other hand, I'd much rather the Flames hire a GM capable of recognizing and selecting a good prospect in the draft.

He does not appear to be anything but realistic with where this team is, and he is perfectly willing to acknowledge the shortcomings of the product he put on the ice this year, and what he needs to do to fix it. There are far worse GM's in the league than Jay Feaster to be leading this 'retool' in my opinion. We've seen guys who won't make moves because they're afraid to make a bad one, and we've seen guys who make moves purely out of pride, afraid to admit they made a bad move in the past. Jay is neither of these.
Sure, if you discount anything and everything he said before the most recent trade deadline.

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