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09-15-2006, 08:36 PM
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I understand the point the two of you are making. I just disagree with it. Why is that so hard to fathom?
Okay, now if I may ask, why? What do you disagree with and why do you disagree with it.

Instead of just accepting that I said I would not deal Montoya (or anyone else) if I didn't think I was getting the better of it Edge and yourself continued to explain to me that Montoya is better at this stage of his career. I disagree, but so what.
Okay, we get that. Now explain why?

Neither of us can state factually that Montoya or Lundqvist is better at the age of 21 or 22. I don't know the answer but I do know that for Montoya to be better at that age he would have to be capable of being an MVP in a league that featured NHL players, something that Lundqvist has already done. In my opinion, it's pretty unlikely, but I don't know with any certainty. Do you?
That's fine, nothing is a fact. Just explain what you believe seperates their directions and where they were at the same age, or maybe why you don't think Montoya will get to Lundqvists level.

The other point we disagree upon in regards to Lundqvist-Montoya is, if I've understood your opinion correctly, is that Montoya's value can only rise. The value of anything can go up or down. Is that true?

Okay now explain why you believe it is more likely to go down or maybe level off than it is to reach Lundqvists level. Which kind of goes back to the "If you don't believe Montoya is as good at the same age, than explain why" question.

I'm just asking these straight out, not expecting us to agree. Just asking the questions why and what lead you to that conclusion.

Cutting through all the other ******** between us, I'm just asking those questions. No smacks, no insults, just questions.

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