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05-01-2013, 06:14 AM
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The "hairstylist" basically said everything I would have said with a few additions:

1. For the amount of ice time you have is it less or more expensive than if a group of you bought it separately.

e.g. Is the rink making more money in 2 hours or less than if you rented the ice for 2 hours as a group of friends?

If they are making more, then they have a financial incentive to keep players interested.

2. Does "the good team" actually feel good and make fun about beating up on new guys...? That's retarded. If it were me, their attitude would be far more frustrating than losing all the time.

3. Our "clinic" was so ****** we formed our own scrimmage teams and we aren't going back to the rink. Not everyone is so lucky to have multiple rinks and/or enough contacts to do so, but if you don't like it you can try organizing your own. You may even have a friend who played in high school. If you bribe them with free ice time and beer they might "coach" for free. It sounds like they would do better than the clowns at your clinic.

4. Those guys sound incredibly pathetic. REALLY...just pick on the new guys...for what?

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