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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
An important corsi to look at is +- QoC, +- QoT, and Corsi Rel QoC. These are the quality of teammates and quality of competition he has played with or against. For the first two, Gustafsson has destroyed both. Gustafsson has played against the 3rd hardest opponents while Gervias had the 2nd easiest (only one who played against "easier" players was Foster). Gustafsson also kills him in Corsi REL QoC. I find these to be the most important (used these in Matt Carle and Meszaros debates) because these take into consideration playing harder opponents vs. easier. Now you take your stats into play, it goes to show how much better Gustafsson was. With worse teammates and harder competition Gustafsson promoted better overall Corsi ratings than Gervias.
Unless I'm reading this wrong it looks like Gus plays against better competition (.349 vs. -.179) but with better teammates (.233 vs. -.251), not better competition with worse teammates as you suggest. So this doesn't really show how much better Gus is. Once again, to me, it looks like it shows just how similar these guys are. Now I may be reading those stats wrong so correct me if I am, but all the stats I have seen for Gus on this advanced stats website indicate that these guys are pretty close. Factor in that Gus has played ten fewer games than Gervais and may be even closer.

But honestly, I don't think you will change your view. I do think you will stand alone on this one though. I'll be honest your the first one I have seen on the 3 other forums I am on who said they were the same, especially after how much Gustafsson dominated on his last stint. His advanced stats were one of the worse during his first stint. He brought it up to one of the best on the team.
That's fine, I've stood alone plenty of things around here. Some times I've been wrong and some times I've been right. You seem to look at the two on the ice and say Gustafsson is better but I just don't see it. You look at the stats and seem to say that they prove he is that much better, but again, the stats look pretty damned close to me.

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