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05-01-2013, 08:11 AM
Can't Beat Him
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Yeah, he was a great pick. It's the fourth round--players like MSC are exactly who I like to see the team pick. Guys with terrific upside. If he pans out, it's an absolute steal. And if not, well, he's just like 99% of other players drafted in the fourth round.

I'm glad he's in our system. I just think we need to keep his performance in proper context and remain realistic about his chances. I'll be pleasantly surprised if the kid works out for us, but far from shocked. Let's just wait and see.

I always advocate for tempered enthusiasm with prospects. Even guys that I absolutely love, and am SURE will make it. I was touting Carl Hagelin beginning in his freshman season. Watching him play, you could just see that he had "it" and would make it. And he kept getting better and better. Even after his senior season, I was still only going as far as to say, "If things break right for him he'll be a good third liner, maybe even a second line player." You just can never know. The jump from the AHL to the NHL is far greater than a lot of people seem to realize. And the jump from juniors and college to the pros is staggering. So much can happen, which is why it's best to not get too high on a particular player.

EDIT: And at the same time, you can't get too low on a guy. Not from stat surfing, anyway. You really need to watch players closely to see how they'll perform at higher levels. Even then it can be tough. You end up with guys like McDonagh, that are very good in college, decent in the AHL, and then impact players from the get-go at the NHL level. I don't write anyone off (within reason) and don't over-hype anyone. You just gotta sit back and see how guys develop, and how they respond to being tested at higher levels.


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