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05-01-2013, 07:46 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
Stop it. The comparisons are downright silly. You can call the fanbase stupid for how they criticize goalies, but you should also call them stupid for how they prop up goalies to god-like status. There are many who criticize Price and there are many who create excuse after excuse for him.

Instead of saying he has had a down season or that he hasn't been all that great in the playoffs....I'm reading comparisons to Roy and how the fans are mean to goalies. Roy is a god here. Halak is a god here. It's simple. If you play well you will get the golden key to god-like status. If Price stands on his head through a few series and is the reason why we win games...he will be considered a god here...until he stinks it up. That's how it is here. Everything is exagerated.

I think Habs fans are downright silly, frankly... But it's more so because we go to the extreme with everything. Either a player is a god or a bum. No in between. Thoughts on Price are split. There are a group of fans that think he's the chosen one and can do no wrong. There are others who think he sucks and should be traded. I don't agree with either side.
WTF are you even talking about man?

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