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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
that was NOT my point. Any problem for Europe to establish CL? Why there is none? Money? Money? or Money? Just curious, how many NLA teams have budget over 10 mil euro and how many above 15 mil euro and how many above 25 mil euro per season?
I think it failed because there was not enough interest from the fans. Money was also an issue because after the first tournament everybody realised that the fans didn't care and so they couldn't find enough sponsors.

A lot of teams have a similarly high budget. These are: Zurich, Lugano, Kloten (owned by Billionaires), Fribourg (gets all of its money from the Banque Cantonale Fribourgois) and Bern (actually makes all of the money they spend themselves). These teams have a budget of about 10-13 mil euros. No NLA team gets even close to 25 mil euros.

Only one team officially announced their budget (for 12/13 season). Biel officially had a budget of 9 Mil CHF (7.35 mil €). They barely made the playoffs with that, although two teams with higher budgets (Kloten&Rapperswil) didn't make it. Biel had one of the lowest budgets. All the other teams either a slightly lower budget (Ambri, Langnau) or their budget was somewhere between Biel and Lugano/Zurich

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