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05-01-2013, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Blown Away View Post
DeCock makes a few decent points (Skinner's contract was one), but over all this is an unfair critique.

In hindsight letting Cole walk was not a bad decision. Whitney soured his relationship with JR when he refused used to waive his NTC in his last season as a Cane.

His panning of the Canes player development is a head scratcher. Apparently it is not OK to get players from the college ranks or direct from Juniors.

If you want to criticize JR, focus on the defense and the back up goal tending. The Canes rely too heavily on Cam Ward to play night in and night out and to bail out the defense.

DeCock has really become a negative Nancy lately. Except when he is fawning over Duke basketball.
Not just that, but as dogbazinho points out, a logically inconsistent negative nancy. He bemoans that we'll never be competitive within our new division whilst conveniently forgetting that the teams that are good now will not *always* be good and that just about everybody in our division has gone through peaks and valleys of hockey relevance.

As for Rutherford, I'm on the fence. He's been our GM a long time now - 20 years, nearly. In those 19 years we have 5 playoff appearances. That's not confidence inspiring. More tellingly, at least to me with my background as a Pens fan, that's longer than Craig Patrick has as Pittsburgh's GM. Patrick was Pittsburgh's GM for 17 years and helped guide Pittsburgh to the playoffs 11 years out of that 17. A consecutive run of 4 missed appearances caused the ax to fall and for Lemieux and Burkle to bring in Ray Shero. I like Rutherford and feel he's done much for this franchise, but I'm increasingly thinking it's time for him to hang up his GM hat and concentrate on the team presidency. This off-season and this season are where the rubber meets the road for me. If he doesn't address our gaps, I think we'll be seeing Rutherford step down as GM.

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