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Originally Posted by 70Stang View Post
Just bought 2 tickets for game 3 and 4 in Ottawa. What is the best hotel to stay at that has a shuttle to the game?

Wow frankly I don't know of a hotel that runs one. The closest hotel to the stadium is this one:

That also happens to be the hotel the players stay in. It's not hard to meet all the players, I do it very frequently. If you guys who aren't staying at the hotel want to try, you have a decent shot at meeting the whole team there.

You're usually looking at $215 a night. You can be clever and priceline it though, I could help you if you don't know how to use priceline. This hotel is the only 4-5 star hotel in the west end of Ottawa (where the stadium is, aka Kanata). So effectively it's easy to bid on it. I think it would also be easy to get it via hotwire by the same method (since again it's the only 4 star in that part of town).

From the Brookstreet, assuming you left for the game early enough, my guess is you'd be looking at a $15-20 cab. But that's leaving early to avoid the worst traffic. There are OC Transpo buses you could take also. I'd have to look that information up. Might also be able to split a cab with someone, I imagine most people staying there are there for the game, or a conference.

If anyone has questions, I live pretty much right there.

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