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JR isn't on the ice or in the locker room 'developing players' - that burden falls to the coaching staffs at all levels (CAR and CHA). JR isn't out in the world Scouting players to draft or trade for. That falls to the Scouts. BUT he IS responsible for the selection of those coaches, scouts, etc. - that is where I would look. given the long history of mediocre drafting, development, and trading, if I was JR and wasn't going to step down, I'd take a hard look at the Scouting and Charlotte coaching staffs. Charlotte is having a good year, but could it be that we've simply built a great AHL team from players who will never be great NHL players - even on the 3rd or 4th lines? Is Jeff Daniels the best guy for Charlotte? Is Claude LaRose (for real) right as a pro scout for 24 years in the organization? (actually the Canes pages are inconsistent in terms of scouting staff - anyone know the -current- staff? Are they all new as one page suggests, or dinosaurs, as another one depicts?

Drafting - JR annoucnes the pick, and may decide, but he's deciding based on inputs form people. Those people, in 10+ years, have drafted the following REAL NHL-quality players (based on being with us now or being traded elsewhere): Ward, EStaal, ALadd, JJohnson, Mcbain, BrSutter, Skinner, JFaulk. In the same 10+ years, the Blackhawks have drafted TuRuutu, Craig Anderson, Keith, Seabrook, CCrawford, Byuflien (these last 3 in the SAME draft), Barker, Bolland, NHljalmarrson, Skille, Toews, Kane, Saad. One other comparative, in the Southeast, the Capitals: Odouya, Eminger, Semin, Ovechkin, Schultz, Green (these 3 in the same draft), Backstrom, Varlamov, Neuvirth, Perrault, Alzner, Carlson, Holtby, Johansson...

Seems to me we've insisted on the same assessments, drafting, scouting, development for too long. THAT is where JR needs to make change, if he's not going to do anything with himself.

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