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Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC View Post
While I can appreciate Doc, respect his professionalism and accuracy - I can't stand his voice. I goes right through me. No doubt that his call is tainted for me considering he was the Devils guy for so many years, so i'm definitely biased...

BUT from an objective point of view, and I'm dead serious about this - Even though he is regarded as one of the best in the biz, the NHL seems to put all of its eggs in one basket by having him do EVERY big game, EVERY Olympics, etc. For a non-hockey fan watching, his voice is very annoying. I've heard this from many people.

So i dont necessarily think that he's the best choice for EVERY game, because the new fans the NHL are trying to attract are going to be watching the National games on NBC and some may not be able to take his voice or "get" his call because he's a bit of an "acquired taste"
Oh ok, NEW fans aren't going to watch because of Emerick. SUUUUUUUURE. Are you talking about young kids? 20-somethings who are just being introduced to the game? If it is the kids you are worried about, maybe they can have the guy who does the voice of a popular cartoon character call the game? If you really think ratings will drop because people do not like the announcer, than I have a bridge in brooklyn to sell you. When JD first left, people complained ad nauseum about biringing in Michelletti. I have grown tired of Sam Rosen, sure not going to stop watching Rangers games because I do not like him.

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