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05-01-2013, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
We all get into fights sooner or later
The fact that more players don't get into em more often is what surprises me
There'll always be someone looking to be "the big guy" for taking down a player and making a scene after a charity event is probably not the best time to go about it

Just read the updated story, let me get this straight

Jerk is destroying memorbilia
victim1 tells jerk to stop
One of the Beaulieus strike at the victim1
Victim1 runs off to call cops
Beaulieus go after victim2
Beaulieus make a run for it
Cops arrive
Not how I read it.
Jerk (victim 1) is destroying memorabilia
Guest tries to get jerk to stop
2nd jerk punches (victim 2) punches intervening guest
Beaulieau's beat down victim 2, who then flees
Beaulieau's beat down victim 1, who also flees
By the time the cops arrive (could have been some time) the Beaulieu's went home.

That's my interpretation, and if it's correct then the Beaulieu's intervened in a situation where some drunk idiot was destroying personal property and said idiot's friend defended him in doing it. Nowhere in any of the stories I've read does it say the Beaulieu's are charged with property damage.

If my reading of this is correct the Beaulieu's may have actually been justified in popping these guys. "slight bruising, some shirts...ripped" doesn't exactly sound like they were curb stomping anyone. If I'm right, then this is NO BIG DEAL, probably won't even make it to court, and if it does it winds up in the Beaulieu's paying a fine.

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