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05-01-2013, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Mgkibbles View Post
A goalie with Bryz's contract needs to be a mistake eraser, and he's obviously not. That's all I'll say to avoid this becoming another goaltending thread.
Yup..that is all you have to say. It summarizes Bryz's performance thus far with the Flyers. He is not bad just average and thus his salary is unjustifiable.

Flyers are just trying to save face and coin with him as much as possible but he is what he is. I can't see him being a cup goaltender..he's too mercurial. Bryz is a mistake and he needs to be erased...

Bob on the other hand is a competitor and has massive talent and skill and is young. He has a good chance in his career to be like the Bulin wall in his prime and erase enough mistakes for his team to carry them in the playoffs and maybe even a cup. Baffling how we threw him to the wolves and then wrote him off simply b/c he regressed as a backup which was natural given all the adjustments he already had to make in the NHL and in an entirely new culture yet the guy was always resolute in his interviews while Bryz blames the media and points fingers at them...

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