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2013 Playoff Prediction and Discussion

Once again, the Flames and their fans are on the outside looking in (although looking in from a distance further than ever before) but I'm assuming most of us will still be following the playoffs.

So, who are you cheering for? Which series are you following the most? Which players are you cheering on? Which team do you think will meet up in the Conference or Stanley Cup Finals, or win it all?

I'm mostly following the Blackhawks right now - their overall skill level is pretty impressive and Quenneville has done a great job coaching a system that fits perfectly with their players. Even though they eked out the 2-1 OT win in their first game against the Blues, it was mostly offensive zone dominance over the course of the second period onward.
This series also lets me follow Bouwmeester, and I want to see how he perseveres under the pressure and physicality of the playoff atmosphere.

I'm also intereted to se a few Penguins games (mostly to see how Iginla has integrated into their system and how he's doing overall) but I'm not really that interested in their team. Would like to see the Islanders do well, and I'd probably end up following the Montreal/Ottawa series if I do watch an Eastern team; however I tend not to be able to catch their game times due to work, and I know the Western Conference players/teams better so there's a familiarity.

Teams to win the opening round:

Blackhawks over Wild in 5
Blues over Kings in 6
Ducks over Red Wings in 4
Sharks over Canucks in 6

Penguins over Islanders in 7
Bruins over Maple Leafs in 6
Senators over Canadiens in 5
Capitals over Rangers in 7

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