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Originally Posted by leftwinger37 View Post
Is there at least a "chalk talk" session after the scrimmage to talk about your play, or is it basically just "thanks for the money; hope you had fun being beaten like a rented mule!?" Also, are these guys actually playing in the beginners league? There has always got to be one group of ********** that tries to play down because they can't hang with any of the teams in the division they should be in.
There is not. In fact when the scrimmage started, I didn't see either of the two coaches, and didn't realize one was there till I was facing him on the ice. The buzzer rang at the end and we just left. There wasn't an introduction or any sort of debrief. It's literally just open hockey with a lot of people and two goalies. To answer your second question, I'm not entirely sure but from what I've overheard from guys just talking amongst themselves most of the "dark team" are C league, with a couple of B league, although I think some of them also play C2 as well as C.

Regardless, there's got to be another skills clinic you can join. Don't let these guys keep you from trying to get better. If you decide to stick it out, try and take from the experience what you can. When you are on a losing team or in an impossible situation like this it really helps you grow sometimes; when there is no pressure you can allow yourself to try new things or be a little more aggressive. This can help build confidence.
There is, there's another which is actually closer to my house that's smaller in terms of number of players and meets on Sunday. It's way more drills than gameplay but the coach keeps things moving (which was actually a bit of an issue at the other clinic, since there were so many people you'd spend a lot of time standing around waiting your turn for drills) and it seems a little more "beginner friendly."

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