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Originally Posted by McDugan View Post
That sucks. I feel bad, since I recommended it so highly when you posted a while back. I was thinking about signing up for the next 12-week cycle that starts in June, but now I have second thoughts...

Definitely not my experience when I did the clinic there a couple years ago (different hockey director at that time though). I've been doing the Thursday evening clinic at another rink in that general area. It's been OK... the main drawbacks being low turnout and the fact that it's taught by a rotating cast of high-school kids (which is sometimes fine and sometimes ends up being an expensive stick and puck session, depending who you get), but there about 6-8 regulars, all of us at close to the same (novice) skill level, and a fun laid-back group. It also helps for me that it's 5-10 minutes from my house.

However, the schedule for that clinic in the next month or two is very sporadic - they're apparently only running it tomorrow, the last thursday of this month, and the last thursday of June. Weird.

When I did the clinic you're referring to, there was a range of experience, from guys who could barely skate to competent players, but not the imbalance or the attitude you describe. I found the instructors to be really good as well, especially Doug (don't know if he's still involved). I would recommend speaking to the hockey director about the situation. And mention that word of mouth is turning potential new participants off of coming out!

Meanwhile, if you're free tomorrow, the "other" clinic runs 7:50-8:50. Come check it out, we could use more guys. I've been discreet about naming the rinks, but if you're not sure where I'm talking about and want to know, PM me.
Doug was actually the coach who played for the dark jersey team

I dunno man. I haven't announced the name of the place on here because I don't want to turn people off from going, because maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just a whiner or missing something or what have you.

But I'll tell you, it just seems like the coaches really don't care whether or not we newer guys got anything out of it. There just seems to be this vibe in the attitude of, "Well, we got your money," and they just can't be bothered.

I mean, I don't want to turn you off from going, because who knows. Maybe it'll be a different composition of guys or maybe you're just good enough at the sport that it won't bother you, but I know that I definitely won't be re-upping for any more sessions.

I'll PM you about what you've got going, thanks for the heads up

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