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05-01-2013, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by SpezDispenser View Post
Again, there is no scenario in the world where the Sens would come out winners trading Methot for anything less than a top 3 pick. And seeing as how teams wouldn't do that, this thread is 100% moot.

Methot is a machine. Without him, we'd have been completely sunk this year. He plays whopping minutes, is a big hitter, blocks shots, is mobile and a great teammate.

There is no way Ottawa trades him for anything less than a huge overpayment.

EDIT: And people saying they wouldn't trade a 1st for him have no idea what they're talking all.
You really don't understand why a team would rather just take Nurse or Ristolainen instead of trading their pick for Marc Methot?

1) Most teams with a pick high enough to get a prospect like Nurse/Ristolainen are probably a couple of years away. It would probably be a wiser move to take the 17/18 year old kid instead of the 27(28 in two months) year old veteran. A veteran they might only have control over for another two seasons.

2) While Methot is a solid top-4/borderline top-2, both Nurse/Ristolainen have higher upside than the level that Methot is at currently. While there's also the possiblity that neither of these guys come close to Methot's level, I could understand why a team trying to build a solid young core would take their chances with the prospect.

3) All teams love developing their own star players. Both Nurse and Ristolainen have that star potential.

4) No GM wants to be haunted by passing up a superstar in order to get just a solid player. If this were a trade involving OEL or Pietrangelo or Karlsson, you could live with it. Even if the pick hits their max upside, it doesn't matter. Methot though? If I'm a rebuilding team, I don't know if I'd take that chance.

I could see any pick in the 20-30 range being offered up for Methot without much hesitation. Maybe even in the 15-30 range. But any pick before that will probably give a GM a lot to think about. At least much more than you think it would.

Just curious, but do you think a team would easily offer up a top-15 pick for Andrew MacDonald? He's basically in the same type of boat as Methot. Around the same age and offensive production. Counted on to play around 30 minutes a night on the top-pairing of a playoff team. He's been extremely solid for the Islanders, but I have a hard time believing that they could get that kind of return.

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